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Carpet Restoration Service in Arlington Heights, IL

If your old carpet has been burned, soiled, unraveled or damaged in any way, you may think it's beyond repair. At Franks Carpet Cleaning, we offer a little hope for your worse for the wear carpet. We specialize in cleaning and repairing those old carpets and rugs and can add new life to those damaged floor coverings.

In addition to a thorough inspection we'll give your carpet or rug a serious cleaning that will remove old stains and smells, giving you a clean and fresh carpet. We offer a complete range of carpet repair services that includes:

  • Patching holes
  • Reweaving
  • Replacing old fringes
  • Fixing unraveled carpet

Franks Carpet Cleaning can also stretch your carpet out and restore its old shape by removing wrinkles and creases.

At Franks Carpet Cleaning we'll make the most of your old carpets and rugs and return them to you looking better than you thought possible. We are fully licensed and insured and prepared to repair all the carpets in your home or office.

Give new life to your old carpets and rugs, call Franks Carpet Cleaning today.